Benefits of Fasting & Autophagy to Tap Into Natural Healing

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Written by Karla Galvan

Since the beginning of time, our bodies have learned, grown, and evolved to help us survive. Our ancestors carved the blueprints to survive and thrive into our DNA, passing wisdom and wellness throughout each generation. 

But in today’s overwhelming, hectic world, it’s easy to lose sight of this ancient guidance. Modern society tries to convince us that healing is found outside of us — but truly, it’s found from within. 

This is one of the profound wellness lessons autophagy teaches us so well. 


What is Autophagy?

Autophagy is our bodies’ natural way of recycling and reusing damaged cells to make room for more healthy, efficient ones. This process allows us to hit “refresh,” cleaning out our stressed, nutrient-deficient, and worn-out cells. 

Autophagy activates while we’re fasting. Most autophagy occurs during sleep when we’re able to fast for the longest period of time.

However, one powerful biohacking technique is to embrace this process yourself, following fasting and wellness diets like ketosis, or “keto,” which may allow your body to expand the benefits of autophagy. 


Autophagy & Ancestral Living

Think about our ancestors: They did not eat a snack every hour. They hunted, foraged, and rationed their food. In this way, fasting is the natural rhythm of the human diet. Ancestral Living guides us to return to our roots, tapping into the natural healing and harmony ingrained in our bodies. 

Healing Benefits of Autophagy Fasting

  • Cell Regeneration & Longevity

Autophagy cleanses our bodies of low-functioning cells, preserving energy to repair and regenerate new, healthy cells. Over time, this may help promote longevity and wellness.

  • Chronic Disease Prevention

From viruses to bacteria, pathogens can damage our cells, leading to chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and even certain cancers. By tuning into our bodies’ autophagic processes, we may help enhance our inner healing capabilities. With this added strength, we can cleanse and repair these damaged cells to prevent such diseases.


Tap Into Your Inner Healer with Krowa: Animal-Based Beauty.

We have all the strength, healing, and power we need — to access it, we simply must look back and remember where we came from. 

At Krowa, our animal-based beauty products are carefully designed to enhance your inner healer. Using only premium, sustainably-sourced, all-natural ingredients once accessible to our ancestors, Krowa can support you as you call on the power of Ancestral Living. Embrace your authentic beauty in a way that feels powerful, natural, and intuitive to you. 

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