Avoiding Modern Dangers Like Liver King and Liver Queen

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Written by Karla Galvan

Not long ago, endocrine disruptors, EMFs, and heavy metals were not things that occupied my mind. Already living what I thought was a health-first lifestyle, the concepts of shielding paints and avoiding perfumes altogether seemed extreme, and frankly…a little histrionic. My mind changed after spending a weekend with the couple now famous as the Liver King and the Liver Queen. When I met them, they introduced themselves as Brian and Barbara and didn’t hesitate to embrace my then heavily perfumed body with giant, genuine hugs as they welcomed me into their lovely lake house. Before they were on social media, not many people knew about the man and woman behind the Ancestral Lifestyle and on that day, neither did I…my life hasn’t been the same since.

Having known the Liver Family for quite some time now, I know to warn others before they step foot in their house about two things: 1) DO NOT wear any non-native scents on your person; and 2) phones must be on airplane mode. Though I was raised to be respectful of others and honor their wishes when entering their domains, I was quite offended the first time I was made aware of these rules, which was only after I had already poisoned their home with my lingering Chanel no 5. I felt bad for having violated their rules, but after experiencing their vibrant energy and beaming health, it made me curious enough to do my own research. 

Why was my attempt at offering those that came in close proximity to me a whiff of beautiful perfume so offensive? How were the Liver Queen and Liver King so convinced that it was actually detrimental to their health? 

It turns out…there’s a lot of evidence to support their practice of Ancestral Tenet #4 - Shield -  which tells us to avoid dangers just like our early ancestors did, but in the modern day forms of seed oils, excessive wifi, EMFs, and man-made poisons like synthetic fragrances and perfumes. We’re learning that these modern dangers compound and can disrupt hormones, wreak havoc on metabolism, and derail our attempts at getting deep sleep. We are exposed to toxins through diet (in seed oils and processed sugar) and in skincare, cosmetics, and cleaning products that contain endocrine disruptors like phthalates, BPA, and parabens. The statistics are astounding, and it only took a day’s worth of research to convince me to start ditching the poisons.  

I stopped wearing my Apple watch, started turning off my wifi at night, and had a little ceremony thanking my collection of expensive perfumes for their years of service. I checked the labels on all my cleaning and grooming products and tossed out everything that had the word “fragrance” in it…and it was in damn near every product I used. I sought out natural alternatives that used only essential oils for natural fragrance, and purchased a handful of clean-ish makeup products that seemed trustworthy. I still had trouble finding anything for my oily skin that could replace the toxic AF Neutrogena moisturizer that I had been using for years, but eventually found tallow...the most nutrient-dense skin food found in nature. When I say these swaps transformed my idea of health, I mean it. I started noticing improvements to my sleep quality, mood, and even mental clarity. My skin started to look radiant even without makeup. I gained a confidence I didn’t know I possessed…I posted makeup-free selfies on the ‘gram! GASP. 

Naturally, my body stopped calling for deodorant and I started appreciating my own scent and the smell of a truly clean home. Apple cider vinegar and baking soda became some of my go-tos. I’m now one of those people that can’t tolerate crap like body spray and scented detergents, and my home no longer wreaks of seasonal candles, but rather mood-boosting essential oil blends. 

I’m incredibly grateful to have had the exposure to the concept of shielding from toxins, and am still finding ways to make progress in this realm. While I know that the Liver Family doesn’t give a shit what anyone smells like, their strict policy on fragrance has changed my life for the better…something I hope to bring to anyone looking to improve their health.

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